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We are on a mission to connect every monetary store of value using blockchain, and (through this process) accelerate economic prosperity in Africa and across the globe.

We go beyond just connecting financial service operators to our blockchain payment network; we create smart ways to deepen relationships and grow our client’s businesses. This is reflected in the culture of our teams. We’re dedicated life-long learners, passionate about technology, and obsessed with building the future of payments. We look to create an environment where you will learn from your colleagues and from in-depth training to help you achieve your true potential. We work hard, to create an environment where you will excel and operate at the edge of your capabilities which will result in a highly rewarding career with us.

Zone - People First

People First

At Zone, we understand the importance of our people to our vision and mission and that’s why we always put them FIRST. We are fixated on creating an environment where people can thrive and grow, be challenged, and learn constantly. We have done this in the following ways:

  • Our investment in professional growth
  • Our investment in personal growth
  • Our investment in community growth

Innovation Always

At Zone, we are always inventing new ways to solve challenges.
This “innovation always” approach has enabled us to create for
the future and inspired us to achieve unprecedented successes in:

  • Building globally relevant products with local engineering talent
  • Creating solutions to some of Africa’s biggest payments challenges
  • Empowering an ecosystem of Financial Service Providers around the globe
Zone - Innovation Always

What Zoners Think About Zone

Along with the amazing camaraderie and friendships, I have found here, I’ve been able to maintain a perfect balance between work and personal life.

Oluwatobi Alaka

The core values of our organization are deeply knitted into the fabric of what we do and how we work at Zone. It’s exciting to see that our values are not just fancy words plastered around the office, but that the team is living and breathing the culture. It’s the best place to be.

Olayiwola Osoba

Why Join Zone?


Reimagining and building the rails for the future of payments takes audacious and unorthodox builders to lead the way. Our passion to learn, innovate and collaborate is contagious. We foster a diverse and inclusive environment that inspires us to do our best work every day.


We have built the network of the future that will touch people’s lives in every corner of the world through millions of transactions. Through our revolutionary and impactful technology, we are solving substantial, real problems for people everywhere. It’s Africa first and the rest of the world next.


Our mission is to connect every monetary store of value using blockchain. This audacious move will ultimately make the global financial system accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere. That is why we are calling on those who are looking to drive impact, accelerate their skills and do meaningful work, to join us. Together, we will expand financial inclusion and accelerate economic prosperity through world-class engineering and innovation.

Our Mission

Zone - Our Mission

Our mission is to connect every monetary store of value using blockchain.

Our Vision

Zone - Our Vision

To have one global API to pay anyone, anywhere in any currency.

Our Purpose

Zone - Our Vision

To maximize financial inclusion and accelerate economic prosperity.

Our Values

Zone - Our Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We continuously unlock value by solving hard problems and acing execution.

Proficiency: We are masters of what we do, and we deliver flawlessly every time.

Innovation: We love to think unconventionally, experiment with fringe ideas, and invent whole new paradigms.

Courage: We set tough, audacious goals that seem impossible and execute them to completion.

Humility: We forego self-importance so that learning and teamwork can flourish.