Build on the world’s first
sovereign blockchain network

APIs, network gateways, payment rails, integrations, and plugins make it even easier to build your application on the world’s first sovereign blockchain, Zone. Be part of our community of world-class developers connecting and building on Africa’s first layer-1 blockchain network.

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Our blockchain network provides a platform for building all types of decentralized apps but specifically addresses needs associated with multiple use-cases.

Digital Payments

A combination of Fiat payment capabilities and mechanisms for issuing, regulating, and converting digital currencies make Zone ideally suited to serve as rails for mainstream adoption of digital payments.

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Financial Services

Zone allows developers to create innovative decentralized financial solutions that give regulators complete visibility into operations while avoiding the risk associated with custody. Zone also provides an environment where CBDCs can be incorporated into DeFi protocols along with other regulated digital currencies.

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Public Sector Services

Zone provides the control, oversight, and privacy required for public sector DApps to be built and run. Public sector DApps also leverage the operational transparency and immutability of records to deliver value in key areas, including Identity management, land administration, immigration, clearing and forwarding, company registration, voting, and others.

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About ZoneX

ZoneX is a team that champions the builders of tomorrow by providing Zone developers with the information, tools, and support they need to build innovative payment and DeFi solutions for the emerging decentralized and fully-digital economies across the globe.

Our Beliefs

ZoneX was founded on the premise that to truly unlock the value and possibilities of the sovereign blockchain, we will need a global community of world-class developers and professionals who will understand this new technology and deploy it to solve some of the most impactful problems in the financial service industry and beyond.

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