Be part of a team that is changing the way the world moves value

Here to Build

We are on a mission to connect every monetary store of value by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. We will create one global network to pay anyone, through any means and in any currency.

Work at Zone

Discover meaningfulness and unlock your potential in a radically innovative environment transforming the world with purpose-driven impact.


Our mission is to connect every monetary store of value using blockchain.


To create one global network to pay anyone, through any means, and in any currency.


To maximize financial inclusion and accelerate economic prosperity.

Work with the brightest minds

Are you a lifelong learner passionate about technology? We’re looking for talented professionals to join our team. Check out our current openings and apply today.

Life at Zone

The future of work, a community that is always there for you

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and we go to great lengths to ensure that they feel valued and supported in their work.

Enjoy amazing benefits building with us

We strive to provide zoners an awesome benefit experience focused on their physical, mental, social, and financial well-being. These are carefully curated to enhance your health and well-being.

Progressive Remote Work

The concept of our remote work is to improve autonomy and flexibility. You have the option of working from your preferred location.

Paid time off, including vacation, sick leave, bereavement, contingencies and national celebration days to recharge and spend time with family, friends or personal projects.

Paid parental gender-neutral leave to bond with your baby up to 4months. This also covers adoptions.

Holistic Wellbeing

Medical, Dental and Vision insurance for employees and dependents.

Access to fitness centres on the medical insurance package.

Catered Lunch at the office.

Engagement activities that promote mental and physical wellness.

Inspiring work environment to collaborate with other Zoners.

Focus on Financial Wellness

Competitive Compensation.

Performance Bonuses and Employee Stock Options.

A Retirement plan

Collaborative Excellence

A work environment that unites you with global talents for greater impact and fosters mutual respect, fair treatment, and strong connections with people of diverse backgrounds

People First

We put our people first.
Our core values guide us:


We are the best at what we do, and we prove it with each result.


We move ideas from fringe to mainstream and break unnecessary conventions.


We set audacious goals and act on them despite challenges and uncertainty.


Added: We believe that all humans are equal, but each human is different and special.

Our Promise!

Radical Innovation

Radical Innovation

Zone is known for creating innovative, game-changing products with cutting-edge technology. We have uniquely leveraged blockchain technology to create a network that will accelerate the adoption of Defi in Africa and around the world, solving real problems and impacting people's lives.

Connection to Purpose

Connection to Purpose

Our people come FIRST and we understand that your work is meaningful to you. So, we are constantly working to create a nurturing environment that allows you find purpose through the impact we are making on humanity’s evolution with financial transactions while building meaningful relationships.

The Zone Experience

The Zone Experience

From the moment you engage with our talent acquisition team to your onboarding and all through your career journey with us, every step and process, aspects of our culture and benefits are carefully curated to deliver a captivating, immersive and delightful experience. Our fundamental values are deeply woven into the fabric of what we do and how we operate at Zone, helping us live and fully embody our culture. Your journey with us will challenge and expose you to deep and previously untapped potentials while delivering high rewards and a fulfilling experience.

Progress to Full Potential

Progress to Full Potential

Zone is a team that strives to be ahead of the curve by journeying on roads/paths yet discovered. Here (As restless innovators), there are no boring days as you will always stare down on new challenges and explore tailored development opportunities – personal and professional. What better way to develop one’s abilities than constantly learning and moving within a team leaving giant digital footprints for the future?

Working as
an Engineer a Designer a Specialist an Analyst a Storyteller an Intern at Zone

Whether you work as an engineer, designer or an administrator, the experience is unique and uplifting.

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How We Hire

Values Alignment

We advise you to reflect on why you would want to explore the opportunities Zone presents.

Once you are clear on your “why” and the role that best suits your skills, you can get a sense of who we are, what we’re about, and what it’s like to work at Zone.

Going through this step helps you see the alignment between your values and ours.

Building Your Resume

This is an important step in the process as it gives us a sneak peek into who you are. Be deliberate about the information you share for the role. Build a job-specific resume that:

Aligns your skills and experience with the job description.

If you occupied a leadership/executive role, share it with us. How big was the team? What was the scope of your work?

Be specific about projects you’ve worked on or managed that created a positive outcome. Tell us how you made a difference, use data to back it up.

If you’re a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include internships or summer jobs that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge.

Keep it brief and be deliberate about the information.


Interview Process

The process differs slightly for different roles or teams; however, the basic principles apply whether you’re applying for an internship, a tech job, or a leadership position.

Pre-chat – Before beginning the interview process, you will have a short virtual chat where we get to relate with you and your experience(s).

Psychometric Assessment – you will take an online cognitive and behavioral assessment. For Developer related roles, once you are successful from this cognitive/behavioral stage, you will take an online coding test.

Technical/Culture fit Interviews– This is typically done in three steps remotely or in person and gives us the opportunity to assess your skills and see if you are a match for the role. It also gives you the chance to know us better. We conduct our interviews in a structured manner and assess all candidates using a standard set of questions. This is so everyone is evaluated from the same perspective but with regard to their uniqueness.

Our goal is to ensure you have an equitable and inclusive experience.

Decision and Offer

After your final interview, we review the different perspectives, and if we decide you are the best candidate, the recruiter will reach out to you with an e-offer.

Stay Updated and Keep in Touch

Keep in touch if things don’t work out with your first application. We are rapidly growing.

Zone is an equal-opportunity workplace committed to inclusion and diversity. Working at Zone is based on a person’s merit and qualifications directly related to professional competence and exceptional abilities. We are committed to treating all applicants fairly and equally.