When Appzone was founded in 2008, we started as a custom software development company and then transitioned into Software-as-a-service; however, our overarching goal was to be an enabler of financial services. Since then, we have experienced exponential growth and have gone on to become a trusted partner of various institutions in the Banking and Financial Technology space and a leader in providing the full stack of digital banking infrastructure solutions and services for our clients and customers. 

From inception, we have always believed in doing the impossible and solving the most complex problems through innovation, our people, and technology. Our platforms and services have been adopted by 16 commercial banks and 400+ Fintechs and MFIs. Our various products collectively process over $2. billion yearly in transactions for financial institutions in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, DRC, Tanzania, Senegal and Guinea; and we’ve barely scratched the surface as we plan to expand to other Banks, Fintechs, and MFIs across Africa.

Our impact over the years cannot be denied. Having reached the final stage of a 6-month-long transition process, we are now in a great position to specialize better,  innovate faster, and deliver more value in an ever-changing world.

We are excited to announce our new corporate brand identity – Zone. Our new name and brand identity reflect our trajectory and pivot from a Software-as-a-Service company to a pure-play payment infrastructure company, facilitating  payments in fiat money and acceptance of digital currencies through our regulated Layer-1 blockchain network.

In addition to our name change, this new chapter comes with a new look and feel, from our logo to our website, social media, and even messaging. The new identity had to satisfy all the existing expectations of what our company stands for and what it represents moving forward, as well as better reflect our new approach to doing what we do best which is helping our financial service provider clients be more effective in delivering services to their own customers.  

Where does the rebrand leave our legacy business? We have carved out our Banking-as-a-Service business into a separate standalone company- Qore, so it can continue to serve our existing clients, grow that arm of the business, and  expand the company’s product reach. Qore will be led by some of our impeccable leadership team members, including Emeka Emetarom, Co-founder & Executive Director of Appzone. 

The digital age has changed the role and nature of money and puts more pressure on the existing legacy systems that enable payments in Africa today. These systems have become increasingly inefficient and unreliable due to this pressure. In response to the growing need for an architecture that can enable the current and future needs of payments, we have built a truly reliable, frictionless, and universally interoperable payment infrastructure using blockchain technology and based on an architecture that scales indefinitely. 

This move marks a significant milestone in our journey and provides an opportunity to reflect on everything we stand for and aspire to become as we move into an exciting future.

Our new mission at Zone is simple: ‘to connect every monetary store of value using blockchain’, and our vision is as audacious as ever; To create one global network to pay anyone, through any means, in any currency.

As we embark on this next chapter, we remain committed to our passion for creating digital financial infrastructure. Because of the daunting task of doing it at scale in the payments space, we have decided to focus exclusively on developing the next generation of payments infrastructure for the world. 

We are incredibly proud of the milestones we have achieved and are thankful to all stakeholders – our employees, customers, investors, and well-wishers that have accompanied us on our journey.   

Welcome to Zone!