Meet Zone’s Most Outstanding Performers of 2023

At Zone, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture that not only values excellence but actively celebrates it. At the heart of our organisation lies a deep commitment to recognising and honouring exceptional talent. We believe that acknowledging the dedication, innovation, and outstanding contributions of our team members not only cultivates a positive work environment but also drives our collective success.

Through various recognition programs and initiatives, we strive to spotlight individuals who embody our core values and go above and beyond in their roles. Join us as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our standout performers and reaffirm our dedication to nurturing a culture of excellence at Zone.

Fisayo Adediran (Senior Legal Counsel)

Fisayo Adediran holds a pivotal role at Zone as Senior Legal Counsel, where she brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the organisation’s legal affairs. With a background in law and a passion for navigating complex legal landscapes, Fisayo has been instrumental in guiding Zone through various legal challenges and opportunities. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Fisayo is admired for her unwavering dedication, integrity, and collaborative spirit. She consistently goes above and beyond to support her colleagues, foster positive relationships, and uphold the highest ethical standards. Fisayo’s exceptional blend of legal acumen and personal attributes sets her apart as a standout performer at Zone, embodying the values of excellence and integrity that define our organization.

Edward Akpe (Admin Business Partner) 

Edward Akpe serves as an indispensable Admin Business Partner at Zone, playing a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of various business functions. With his dynamic skill set and boundless enthusiasm, Edward has made significant contributions to Zone’s success. His unwavering positivity and infectious energy create a vibrant work environment, inspiring colleagues and fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Edward’s dedication to his role goes beyond his job description; he consistently goes the extra mile to support his teammates, streamline processes, and drive efficiency across the organisation. His proactive approach, coupled with his exceptional interpersonal skills, makes him a trusted advisor and valued member of the Zone team. Edward’s blend of professional excellence and personal attributes, including his ever-positive energy and boundless enthusiasm, make him a standout performer who embodies the spirit of proficiency and humility at Zone. 

AbdulMalik Ibrahim (DevOps Specialist)

Abdul Malik Ibrahim is a key asset to Zone, serving as a DevOps Specialist with unmatched expertise and dedication. In his role, Abdul Malik plays a critical part in optimizing Zone’s software development processes, ensuring efficiency, scalability, and reliability across our payment infrastructure. His technical prowess and innovative problem-solving abilities have led to significant advancements in our systems, empowering our teams to deliver high-quality solutions with agility and precision. Abdul Malik’s blend of technical excellence and collaborative spirit sets him apart as a standout performer at Zone, embodying all of our values which include innovation and courage that define our organisation.

Recognising Excellence-The Zone Way 

At Zone, we firmly believe that recognising and celebrating excellence is integral to fostering a culture of high performance, loyalty, and commitment among our employees. Our recognition programs not only highlight individual accomplishments but also emphasise the collective efforts that drive our organisation forward. Additionally, we encourage peer-to-peer recognition, empowering employees to acknowledge and appreciate their colleagues’ contributions. By creating a culture of recognition and appreciation, we inspire our team members to strive for excellence, foster a sense of belonging, and strengthen their commitment to our shared goals and values. At Zone, we understand that recognising excellence is not just about rewarding accomplishments—it’s about nurturing a supportive and motivating environment where every employee feels valued and empowered to progress to their full potential.

Join the brightest minds on the Continent.

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