Zone Joins the Elite Endeavor Global Network: A Milestone Towards Reshaping Africa’s Payments Landscape

We’re proud to share that our CEO, CTO and Executive Director Obi Emetarom, Wale Onawunmi, and Emeka Emetarom, have been chosen to join Endeavor’s Global Network as part of their 37th Virtual International Selection Panel (ISP) held on May 22-24, 2023. This prestigious induction recognises the high-impact entrepreneurship exhibited by our team at Zone and Qore, and our ambitious vision to transform Africa’s payment sector.

This recognition from Endeavor Global, a premier organization supporting high-impact entrepreneurs, is a significant milestone for us. Our Co-founder and CEO, Obi Emetarom, emphasized, “Joining the Endeavor network underscores our unwavering commitment to reshaping Africa’s payments landscape. Endeavor’s platform will significantly fuel our growth and extend our reach.”

Our Co-founder and CTO, Wale Onawunmi, echoed these sentiments, adding that we look forward to “leveraging this unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, partners, and investors, driving our technical prowess to further levels of innovation and efficiency in the payment sector.”

Meanwhile, Emeka Emetarom, CEO at Qore, expressed his honor to join the Endeavor network and his confidence that the global insights, mentorship, and support from Endeavor would enrich Qore substantially.

Being selected into Endeavor’s network implies going through a stringent multi-step selection process and securing a unanimous vote from top international business leaders and investors. As Endeavor Entrepreneurs, we now have access to comprehensive strategic support services, introductions to local and international business mentors, and investors to expedite our growth.

We are proud to be the 19th company from Nigeria to be inducted into the global Endeavor network, representing our country’s growth and potential on this global stage. This milestone fuels our ambition to set new standards for the African payments landscape and reiterates our commitment to providing reliable, frictionless, and universally interoperable payments to financial services providers in Africa and beyond.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our team, our customers, and our investors who have trusted us and supported us on this journey. Your belief in our vision fuels our drive to continue innovating and shaping the future of financial services in Africa

Stay tuned for our next chapter of growth and innovation with Endeavor. Together, we are rewriting the story of Africa’s financial technology.

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