Crafting Stories, Shaping Perception- Oluwatobi Alaka’s Full Circle Story at Zone.

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My role at Zone

I am Oluwatobi Alaka, a marketing communications professional and the Corporate Communications Manager at Zone. My role encompasses strategizing and implementing effective communication plans that align with our organizational goals. I am at the forefront of Zone’s external and internal communications, from crafting engaging content and managing media relations to fostering a positive brand image. This involves collaborating with various teams, ensuring our messages are cohesive and resonate with our vision.

What excites me about my work is the dynamic blend of innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness that my job requires. Another exciting aspect is that Zone is at the forefront of revolutionizing the finance industry with cutting-edge blockchain technology, and being part of this journey is exciting and challenging. Lastly, the incredible team at Zone is a source of immense excitement because working alongside talented individuals, each driven by a passion for excellence is motivating and rewarding. 

My Zone Experience over the past 2 years

 The past two years have flown by quickly, but one of my major highlights was when we finally rebranded from Appzone to Zone. It was a profound experience to witness and actively contribute to transforming our brand identity. Being at the helm of communications during this pivotal shift allowed me to immerse myself in the essence of our company’s vision and mission. The opportunity to craft and convey a narrative that reflected our evolution.

Collaborating with an immensely talented team, witnessing the unveiling of our new brand, and receiving positive responses from our stakeholders was truly a highlight of my career. The rebranding not only represented a fresh identity but also symbolized our dedication to pushing boundaries and pioneering in the world of finance and technology. I’m incredibly proud of my key role in this significant transformation. 

The Zone Culture

 We embrace diversity and inclusion, recognizing the strength of different perspectives in our collective vision. Teamwork is at our core, with a spirit of support and cooperation that propels us forward. In this fast-paced environment, we value adaptability and resilience, always ready to navigate the ever-evolving finance industry landscape.

Why should anyone join Team Zone? 

We’re not just a company but a movement driving transformative change through blockchain technology. At Zone, innovation isn’t just encouraged; it’s ingrained in our DNA. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a team of brilliant minds, all fueled by the shared vision of shaping the future of finance.

What sets Zone apart is our culture of empowerment. We believe in your potential and provide an environment where your ideas can flourish. Here, your voice matters, and your contributions are celebrated. It’s a place where you’re not just an employee but an essential part of a community working towards a common goal.

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