Resourcefulness, Talent, and Innovation- Taiwo Beyioku’s Full Circle Story at Zone

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My name is Taiwo Beyioku, and a trait I admire a lot is Resourcefulness. If I want to be anything in this life, I want to be known as ‘The Plug,’ aka Mr. Resourceful, who’s always able to contribute something. Effectively, this fits into my legacy of impact wherever I find myself too.

My Role at Zone

I manage the Talent Acquisition team at Zone.  What’s exciting about my work? Sourcing and attracting top talent will always be flex for me. The dynamic approach and styles of engagement, the adrenaline pump, the storytelling, etc. – all these aspects of the job make it fun. Not to bore you with the details, but we deploy different strategies to ensure a rich and positive candidate experience across all the different touchpoints of the recruitment process.

Fuelling Excitement: Working at Zone!

It’s hard not to see your spirits lifted when you part of bringing something to life or impacting an entire industry. It gives me joy knowing that I’m somehow contributing to Zone’s topline by adding impact hires who fit right in and start adding value from Day 0. Notice what I did there? lol, Day 0, not 1, hehe. The autonomy and intellectually stimulating conversations leveraging the diverse perspectives of team members at meetings are also worth mentioning.

The culture within Zone: A Descriptive Insight 

The culture at Zone is warm, collaborative, high-performance-driven, chilled, work hard, and play harder. The last year has been exciting, with some restructuring and realignment, but these are key elements of our space, which demands flexibility and adaptability. We bring our ‘A’ game to surmount challenges and stay ahead of the curve. My highlights of the past year are our efforts on the employer branding EVP campaign which we just launched.

Compelling Reasons to Join the Zone Team

A lot of things come to mind, but I will trim the list down to 2 core items.

First, – The Vision.

A brilliant thing about our leadership and product team is their innate ability to always bring innovation to the table and to our product offerings. What this means is that regardless of harsh economic climate conditions, etc., we can unlock value and remain competitive in the market. Death and taxes are sure, and so is Zone unlocking value across the product value chain.

Second, – The People and Culture.

People are at the heart of Zone’s success story, and they are rock stars.  Extremely knowledgeable and big on execution. Zoners, though masters of their craft, are humble and down to earth.

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