“Here to Build: Join Our Mission and Shape the Future”

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In a world constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements and the pursuit of progress, there lies an unwavering force at the heart of Zone.

The ‘Here to Build’ campaign is more than words on paper. It represents a profound philosophy and a call to action that empowers every Zoner to be an architect for change, a visionary, and a catalyst for transformative innovation.

The Zone Culture

At Zone, we believe in the power of human potential – the power to dream, create, and shape a better future. The culture at Zone is people and performance-centric and anchored on our values – Proficiency (Mastery), Innovation, Humility, and Courage.

We believe our people are critical to our success and are intentional in attracting talents who are within the top 1% of their profession and developing them in an environment that intellectually stimulates, nurtures, and supports them as they progress to their full potential.

Our culture encourages a dedication to continuous learning and the application of discoveries. Our mindset is one of innovation and creativity, in our thinking and approach to challenges. We consistently strive to push the boundaries of radical technology.

We inspire our people to think independently, share perspectives confidently, and take ownership because we understand that in our diversity lies our true strength.

Our culture and processes cultivate a working relationship that is collaborative, candid, and fun, underscored by full access to one another.

At Zone, you will find a dynamic and inclusive environment that nurtures your growth, celebrates your unique talents, and provides limitless opportunities for you to thrive.

High Performance is Rewarded.

We are particular about high performance with our process designed to be progressive with the growth of the Zoner and the business at the core of its results.  The high-performance ethos at Zone builds you to be goal-oriented, result-driven, and humble to recognize the significance of collaborative effort.

With exceptional performance comes exceptional rewards. We have built a total rewards strategy that ensures each Zoner’s achievements and contributions are celebrated in ways that resonate with their individuality and emphasize our core values enabling others to readily identify the essential behaviors and attributes important to our organization.

Everyone can be a leader at Zone.

From our carefully curated recruitment process that identifies candidates who exhibit a connection to our core values and culture to the Leadership Development programs, everyone can be a Leader at Zone.

We are particular about investing in leadership development programs that emphasize our values in cultivating strong and effective leaders with a career development strategy that creates opportunities for your growth and acceleration.

A key prerequisite to becoming a leader is how well you exemplify the organization’s values and your impact on your team’s growth.

We believe in open communication and transparency.

Embracing our “open-door” philosophy, we share information transparently. We encourage conversations that are candid and true.

Our communication mechanisms allow Zoners to freely provide honest and constructive feedback to management and colleagues because we understand that we are all part of a shared journey. And it is through the cultivation of a high level of openness and transparency that the desire to grow births, allowing us to achieve our mission.

Join us and reshape the future.

To all aspiring builders, innovators, and change-makers, join us and be part of our journey. We offer you a life experience that intellectually stimulate and connects you to a deeper meaning.

Together, we can unlock the boundless potential within each of us and make a lasting impact on the world.

Let us build with purpose, passion, and the unwavering belief that our collective efforts can change the world.

#HereToBuild #WeAreZone

Omonuwa Olulano

Zone’s Chief Talent Officer

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