Unlocking Excellence: Meet Edward Akpe, the Admin Business Partner in the ‘We are Zone’’ Series

Could you tell us about your background and how you entered the administration and business partnerships field?  

 I started my carrier as a supervisor with an outsourcing firm seconded to Golden Sugar and ABTL shortly after my NYSC in 2013. Within four months of joining the firm, I was redeployed into the Administrative Department, where I functioned as Admin/HR Officer. In this capacity, I was exposed to a lot of administrative and HR operations activities. I joined Africa’s -leading Fintech AppZone (now Zone) in 2017 as a Function Lead, Admin Officer, and now I am the Admin Business Partner of Zone. I am excited about the opportunity to grow in my carrier and to be part of this exciting journey of changing the payment ecosystem in Africa at Zone.  

What key milestones or significant experiences have shaped your career journey so far?  

Well, I have hit a couple of milestones in my career journey so far, from developing admin operational policies and coming up with innovative ideas implemented to ease our support functions and making the admin operations more seamless, efficient, and effective. 

What are the specific challenges and opportunities you’ve encountered in supporting the operations of a regulated blockchain network?  

One major challenge I had was to automate our meal ticketing system. This task was specifically assigned to me by the MD (Obi), who trusted in my capacity to deliver on this task. Olanrewaju Balogun and I were given 3 months to deliver on this project, and within 14 days, we delivered the project and deployed the system. I was glad I accepted these challenges and saw them as an opportunity to deliver. 

How do you stay updated on the blockchain industry’s latest trends, technologies, and regulations to support the organization better?  

I get regular notifications of the latest trends on social media, newsletters, etc. on blockchain Tech and its regulations. the information I gather here gives me an idea on how I can best support other core functions to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives. 

How has your role as an Admin Business Partner evolved since joining Zone Africa’s first regulated network?  

It has been an exciting journey all the way. I joined as a Function Lead, Admin Officer, and now I have evolved to become an Admin Business Partner at Zone.  The sky is just the starting point!

Can you share any valuable lessons or insights you’ve gained throughout your career journey that have helped you succeed in your current role? 

I think one major lesson I have learned is always to treat employees as customers. This principle makes it easier for us to provide unreserved support services to other core functional departments within the organization.   

Are there any accomplishments or projects you are proud of in your role as an Admin Business Partner at Zone Africa’s first regulated network?  

I have handled and accomplished quite a few projects in my capacity as Admin BP. Projects include setting up our office space in 2021, automation of the meal ticketing system, and a couple of other projects. 

How do you see the future of administration and business partnership roles evolving soon?  

Well, I see the administration and business partnership roles going beyond supporting other core functions and also getting involved in revenue-generating activities. 

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